1769 Society

The 1769 Society is a community of generous alumni, parents, and friends who demonstrate the power of collective giving to make Dartmouth accessible for all students. 1769 Society members make up only about 10 percent of donors but provide almost 80 percent of the DCF funds Dartmouth uses for its vital financial aid program.

Your leadership giving—and membership in the 1769 Society—make a real and immediate impact on Dartmouth, keeping our community vibrant, diverse, and thriving.

“It’s important to me to be a member of the 1769 Society every year. Dartmouth continues to play an important role in my life—I want to make sure other deserving young people can have that experience regardless of their financial circumstances.”

- Jake Tapper ’91

We can't wait to see you at one of the upcoming 1769 Society regional events!

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Three ways to reach 1769 Society level

  1. Dartmouth couples may combine gifts. 
  2. Ask your employer if they have a matching gifts program.
  3. Make a recurring gift.

Why Join? A message from our co-chairs:

“Dartmouth is a special community, but it's unaffordable for many without our help. That's where the Dartmouth College Fund and 1769 Society come in. We can literally make the Dartmouth experience available to deserving students who otherwise would be shut out for financial reasons. These same students will go on to be leaders in their communities and in the world. It's a privilege to do my part.”
-David Edelson ’81

“My Dartmouth experience was enriched by exposure to a diversity of academic coursework, perspectives and people. Participating in the 1769 Society has been important to me because of the critical role that leadership giving plays in allowing deserving scholars to have the same rewarding experience at Dartmouth, regardless of their financial circumstances.”
-Todd Gomez ’86

“I decided to co-chair the 1769 Society because I know that it is the driving force behind financial aid for Dartmouth students, and I strongly believe in building the future through funding higher education, especially a Dartmouth education. I know that half of all Dartmouth students rely on receiving financial aid, and it’s important to me that every single student who wants to attend Dartmouth but cannot afford to be given that opportunity.”
-Amanda Prentice ’06

Members join with a gift of $2,500 or more annually

Young alumni may join at these levels:

Class of 2020                                   $100
Classes of 2017, 2018, 2019        $250
Classes of 2014, 2015, 2016        $500
Classes of 2012, 2013                  $1,000

Join us! Make your gift online or call 603-646-3621.

khalid_ammar.jpg“It’s important to me to be a member of the 1769 Society every year because Dartmouth alumni had my financial back as a student and I’d like to do the same for future generations of Dartmouth alumni.”

- Ammar Khalid ’01